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Crane Service in Odessa, TX

Do you need oil field equipment or safety trainers for your Odessa, TX business?  AmericanCrane & Equipment have the safety consultants and equipment you need!  Opened in 2001 in Odessa, TX, by Ron Register, American Crane & Equipment is a crane service that is truly committed to higher standards with our goal being quality & excellence in every aspect of customer service.

Come in today to visit us at American Crane & Equipment! We can help answer all of your questions regarding a wide range of products and services. Ranging from, but not limited to; crane rental, oil field equipment, safety consultants and trainers. If you need any additional information or just have a few questions feel free to give us a call today 432- 367-3820.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and appreciate your time in reviewing all the services we provide.


1.     The inspection includes an inspection sticker affixed to the equipment indicating the date of the current inspection and a copy of the annual inspection.

2.      The client will receive a copy of the inspection for their files.

3.      American Crane & Equipment will keep a copy of the inspection on file for seven years.

4.     In the event you should lose your copy, another copy can be requested. We will fax or mail another copy by the next business day.

5.     Our automated system allows American Crane & Equipment to notify you when your annual inspection is about to or has expired. This will allow you time to ensure your equipment complies with OSHA and ANSI standards before the inspection. Should you find any problems you may contact us to assess the trouble. This will allow us to make any needed repairs or order any parts needed to prevent any delay.

6.      American Crane & Equipment provides complete customer service.

7.      Our trained technicians have experience in Mobile Equipment Repairs.

8.      We are able to serve our customers by offering service repair work at our shop rate of $85.00 per hour.

9.      We also offer in field crane service/oil field equipment repairing at the rate of $95.00 per hour plus $1.25 per mile.

American Crane & Equipment also has inspection services available for:

·         Mobile Cranes

·         Boom Trucks

·         Forklifts; Straight Mast or Variable Reach

·         Manlifts; Boomlift or Platform Lift

·         Off Road Motor Vehicle Inspection; including Winch Trucks and Motorized Vehicles for off road use

·         Material Handling Basket

·         Personnel Basket

·         Auto Crane - Lift Moore - IMT, and any other brands of truck mounted cranes.

Please call (432) 367-3820 with any questions or pricing.


The use of heavy equipment in the construction business is astonishing. More equipment is being used daily, creating the potential for more accidents.

The complex nature of the equipment industry demands effective communication between all personnel. Operators, riggers, flaggers, supervisors and even maintenance personnel must know their job and perform it with attention to detail. Any miscommunication could cause a serious accident.

We offer safety consultants for safety training in Odessa, TX!

Our safety trainers, safety consultants and training programs comply with all federal, state and local requirements and assist in your effort to provide a safe working environment.

It is our commitment to ensure that your employees maintain the highest standards concerning safe operating practices.

Promoting safety awareness and preventing serious accidents are steps in the right direction for any company.

Some of the categories covered in our Safety Training Seminars are:

A.      Pre-shift Inspections            

B.      Load Chart Interpretations  

C.      Safe Operating Procedures 

D.      Working Around Powerlines

E.      Load Control                             

F.      Digging Procedures                 

Training hours depend on the competency level and experience of the operator or safety consultants.

·         Crane Training - 3 Day Seminar                                                            

·         1 Year Crane Recertification Seminar - Approx. 4-6 Hours            

·         2 Year Crane Recertification Seminar - Approx. 6-8 Hours            

·         Aerial Platform Lift Seminar - Approx. 4 Hours                                 

·         Aerial Boom Lift Seminar - Approx. 4 Hours                                      

·         Straight Mass & Telescoping Forklift Seminar - Approx. 4 Hours

·         Skid Steer(Bob Cat) Seminar - Approx. 4 Hours                               

·         Front End Loader Seminar - Approx. 5 Hours                                   

·         Loader/Backhoe Seminar - Approx. 5 Hours                                     

·         Forklift Seminar - Approx. 4-6 Hours                                                   

For On-Site Training, Travel Time and Mileage are charged from the time our Trainer(s) leave our office until they reach your facilities and the return trip.

Upon completion of the operator safety training seminar the trainee will receive a certificate, along with a wallet size certificate to be carried at all times.

Specific training customized for your equipment is also available.

American Crane & Equipment will mail or fax the appropriate documentation to the client for their files.

Please call (432) 367-3820 with any questions or pricing.



·         Annual Mobile Hydraulic Cranes

·         Track Mounted or Rubber Tire Conventional

·         Lattice Boom Machines

·         Luffing Jib

·         Maxer

·         Additional Services (Only if Needed or Requested)

o        Magnafluxing

o        Dye Penetrant Testing

o        Rigging Inspections

·         Airfare, Hotels & Meals will be charged out at cost

·         In the event of airfare travel, time will be charged

o        This is time charged from our location to your location, in route and return trip

·         Location Standby Time

·         Inspection includes; inspection sticker affixed to the machine indicating the date of the current inspection and a triplicate copy of the annual inspection

o        The Pink copy will be left at the jobsite

o        The Yellow copy will be mailed with the invoice

o        The Original will remain in the inspectors files

·         In the event of a lost inspection , a copy may be requested and will be faxed or mailed out by the next business day. Our automated system will allow us to notify you in the event the inspection is going to expire so that you may make prior arrangements to have your equipment re-inspected. This will ensure you that your equipment will remain in compliance with OSHA & ANSI standards at all times.

Should you find any problems, you may contact us to assess the trouble. This will allow us to make needed repairs or order parts needed to prevent delay.

Please call (432) 367-3820 with any questions or pricing.

Proudly serving Odessa, Texas with safety trainers, oil field equipment repairing and crane service.

Ask us about our crane rental or oil field equipment repairing!

Other Services and Inspections Available:

o        Forklift: Straightmast & Variable Reach

o        Manlift: Boom & Platform Lift

o        Crane Rental

o        Oil Field Equipment

Proudly serving Odessa, TX and the surrounding areas.

Products & Services
Mobile crane & equipment inspections, overhead hoist & bridge crane inspections, certified load testing, dielectric testing for all aerial bucket trucks, operator safety training & certification, full field services available for all types of equipment, crane rentals.

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Safety Training:
Wed Jul 09 10:28:00 EDT 2014

It is important that all operators of cranes and other heavy machinery are fully trained for the safety of themselves and those around them.  We offer a number of operator training seminars to ensure that your staff is fully prepared!

History Lesson:
Tue Jun 24 14:37:00 EDT 2014

Did you know that the crane for lifting heavy loads was invented by the Ancient Greeks in the late 6th century B.C.?

Tue Jun 10 14:34:00 EDT 2014

We rent cranes from 50-ton hydraulics to 275-ton hydraulics. With many sizes in between, you'll be sure to find one that meets your needs. Call (432) 367-3820 to get started.

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We understand that when your oil field equipment is in disrepair that it’s costing you both valuable time and money. We offer in-field servicing that is both timely and reliable, getting you back to work as quickly as possible. 

Ensure the safety of your employees!
Mon Apr 07 08:45:00 EDT 2014

We are experts when it comes to the inspection of mobile cranes, boom trucks, forklifts, man lifts, winch trucks, material handling baskets, personnel baskets and auto cranes. Call us today to learn more about our inspection services. (432) 367-3820

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